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Ana: I mean... is that Ryan Seacrest in the sixth picture down, or just a ridiculously good looking look-a-like? (01.30.11 05:33PM)
Jane: dude. totally ryan seacrest. (02.26.11 02:08PM)

Fancy Four Loko


Unfortunately, Four Loko has been banned from all grocery store shelves by the FDA due to an incident at New Jersey’s Ramapo College where 23 students were hospitalized. Never fear! You can still enjoy the beverage and it doesn't mean your party has to suffer!

Here's a little fancy version of Four Loko:

1 Can of gingerale + Champane + St. Germain + 5 Hour Energy + Monster Energy Drink + Malt Liquor


Mammoth Men - Day 3


Talking Pictures from Ransom Riggs


Ransom Riggs from Mentalfloss compiles photos with writing on them.

Consider having some markers at your event with a Smilebooth so guests can leave messages on printed photos!

photo, would like this one's phone number



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