chick-fil-a leadercast 2011


the cool kids over at plywood people had us out for chick-fil-a leadercast in atlanta this year. not only did we have stuffed props and future presidents in the booth, the famous "eat more chikin" cows showed up. and what's a smilebooth without some really huge cows? 

Tamara: wow its sad that Smilebooth supports a company that doesn;t support equality for all. i\'m really surprised to see chick fil a on this site. makes me think twice about Smilebooth. not so smiley afterall. (08.20.12 05:07PM)
Aries: I like the energy, the spirit of this post. I feel a consistency where your photobooth has traveled: everyone's having a blast. Thanks for sharing SmileBooth! (04.15.13 03:26PM)

where we'll be on thursday night...


Jose + Joel got married!


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