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Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards


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the flaming lips - the terror


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1. Click on the thumbnail of your image so that it pops up to the right of the thumbnails as the large selected image.

2. Roll your mouse over the large image on the right and wait for the pop-out menu to show up.

3. Click on the "original" image option to view and wait for the image to open in a new window.

4. Right click on the image, select "Save Image As..." and save to your desktop or wherever you wish!

5. From there you can open your GIF in a browser to view.

Sarah Samuel Christmas Party


MOJi: Hi there, i found your blog when reading one of our best blog-writer friends,Lili @http://leyleywithlili.persianblog.ir/post/104/ nice blog u here, and there our Lili in our area. xD (01.08.13 12:55PM)
Photo Cubby: Great photo booth shots. You make us which we were there. (06.04.13 03:50PM)

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